Hostile Work Environment

While a hostile work environment is often associated with repetitive sexual harassment, any repetitive form of illegal discrimination, or a single extreme incident, may give rise to a hostile work environment.  For example, repeated racial or ethnic jokes or slurs may create a hostile work environment based on race or national origin.  A single physical attack or threat of violence against an employee because of the employee’s race, national origin or other protected class feature may be enough to create a hostile work environment.

For a “hostile work environment” to arise in a legal sense, the offending conduct must be based on a protected class feature (See “Workplace Discrimination”).   A supervisor or co-worker who is a bully or who is simply obnoxious to everyone does not create a “hostile work environment” that gives the employee a right to sue even if the work environment may be very unpleasant.

If you feel you have been a victim of a hostile work environment, please call the Fegley Law Firm at (215) 493-8287 or email Mr. Fegley at  Mr. Fegley will personally discuss your situation with you by telephone or email and will tell you whether the problems you may be experiencing at work are, in fact, a hostile work environment which may give you the right to sue your employer.