For the Employer

Scott I. Fegley, P.C.

Scott I. Fegley

It is my first and foremost objective to keep you out of court. The old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure should be taken to heart by all employers. I will review your current practices, recommend revisions to existing policies, or draft new ones to keep your workplace compliant. In a case called Faragher v. City of Boca Raton, the United States Supreme Court said that it is not enough to simply have workplace policies against harassment and discrimination. An employer has to implement and enforce them to be entitled to an absolute defense against such claims. Implementation requires at least annual training of supervisory personnel and an effective investigative process if a claim occurs. Consequently, I also provide training for staff and assist with investigations.

Perhaps most appreciated by my employer clients is my availability as an employment law resource. I am always available by telephone or e-mail. For quick answers to pressing questions, it is better than having a reference book on employment law at your desk.

If litigation becomes unavoidable, even after you have implemented the policies and followed the procedures I recommend, I will use every tool in the tool box to defend you whether in an unemployment hearing, in front of the EEOC, or in state or federal court. Employers who have proactively endeavored to comply with employment laws have nothing to fear from litigation.

Dear Scott,
I want to thank you very much for the excellent legal counsel you have provided to MediMedia USA, Inc. over the past two years. Your advice to members of our Human Resources staff, including myself, as well as your on site training relating to various human resource issues has been very beneficial. With over 400 employees in our Yardley headquarters, the potential of significant employee relations matters present themselves from time to time. Your counsel on matters of potential discrimination and harassment claims has helped to keep any disputes from escalating into more serious matters. One of the important items to us when selecting outside counsel is accessibility. You have demonstrated on several occasions by your prompt response and your sincere interest in our matters at hand, your desire to provide us with top notch service for which we arc very appreciative. If I can ever provide a recommendation or reference for you and the services you provide, I would more than happy to do so.

Gloria Cross, Sr. Vice President Human Resources
MediMedia USA, Inc.