Mediation is a more economical and less intimidating process for dispute resolution than the typical adversarial approach. Mediation can occur quickly, often in a matter of weeks or months, rather than a lawsuit which can drag on for years. The time savings also means saving money on attorney fees and litigation expenses. More importantly, mediation is an opportunity to resolve a dispute fairly and move on with your life and your business.

Scott Fegley is a trained mediator approved by the Bucks County Bar Association for mediation of civil disputes involving business, employment and personal injury cases. Mr. Fegley’s experience as a mediator, a federal arbitrator, and his twelve years as a Township Supervisor in the Yardley, PA area give him a unique perspective on thinking outside the box and helping parties in dispute find common ground. In a mediation, Mr. Fegley does not take sides, but looks objectively for ways to enable the parties themselves to bridge the gap between them. Although mediation itself is non-binding, Mr. Fegley will reduce agreements reached through mediation to writing which, when signed, become enforceable settlement agreements.

Mr. Fegley emphasizes that parties coming to mediation must come with a willingness to compromise. No one gets everything they want by way of a mediation. If parties are entrenched and unwilling to consider alternative ideas, they should prepare themselves for the duration of a lawsuit and judicial resolution.

If you are involved in a dispute and want a fair resolution sooner than later, consider having Scott Fegley assist you through mediation. Mr. Fegley’s Yardley office offers a comfortable conference room, rooms for caucusing, and a neutral professional environment. Achieving your goals through mediation is one more way our firm helps give you peace of mind.