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Many law firms represent employers or employees, but not both, as if there was an inherent conflict in advocating for both sides. I disagree. The law is the same. I represent employers and employees because I want to see the law applied fairly in every workplace. I work with my employer clients to establish policies and procedures and provide employee training to prevent situations that may lead to litigation. I counsel them on their approach to a difficult employee so the employee cannot use the law as a shield against disciplinary measures for poor performance.

I am very selective about the employees I represent as plaintiffs. Yet, it remains an unfortunate reality that discrimination and illegal behavior still occur in today’s workplace. If I believe an employee’s rights have been violated, I will pursue justice for the employee with equal fervor.

No Matter What Side You Are On, We’ve Got Your Back

In my professional career, I was first an employee and then an employer. I know what it feels like to be the victim of a boss’ unfair treatment and to experience the anxiety and uncertainty of looking for another job. As an employer, I also know the frustration of having employees who are frequently late or absent and who don’t give you a day’s work for a day’s pay. So when it comes to employment law, you aren’t hiring an attorney for whom your case is all in a day’s work. When you hire me, you hire an employment lawyer who has stood in your shoes.


We provide guidance and assist you with compliance through drafting employee handbooks and procedures and providing timely advice.

Employment Law


Whether you have been wrongfully terminated or a victim of harassment or discrimination, The Fegley Law Firm is on your side.

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