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If you have been harassed or suffered a form of discrimination in your workplace, or if you have been denied medical leave, I can help. The law guarantees all employees equal opportunity to be employed without regard for race, sex, religion, color, national origin, age, disability, and veteran status. All employees should be free to work without harassment, in a non-hostile work environment and without fear of retaliation for asserting their legal rights.

Employees are also entitled to receive proper wages for the hours worked and the benefits promised by their employers as part of their compensation. Employees should not have to struggle with their employers to receive their pay, nor with insurance companies to receive medical or disability benefits.

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Wrongful discharge, sexual harassment, retaliation, discrimination and failure to honor obligations for wages and benefits can have a serious economic impact on employees and their families. The loss of a job or barriers to advancement can also take a heavy physical and emotional toll. I want to give you peace of mind. If I accept your case, I will work tirelessly to see that the injustice is stopped and you are made whole.

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