Look Before You Stage Dive: Concert-goer injured during Fishbone stage dive awarded $1.4 million

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Fishbone stage dive

I am not familiar with the band, Fishbone, but based on this article on The Pennsylvania Record website, you might want to stay out of the first few rows if you attend their concerts. Why? Because a concert-goer was injured during Fishbone stage dive and awarded $1.4 million.

Here are the basics from Jon Campisi:

Kimberly Myers, who says her skull was cracked on Feb. 23, 2010, while she was attending a musical performance of the band Fishbone at Philadelphia’s World Café Live venue, received a judgment of $1,117,145.93 in compensatory damages and $250,000 in punitive damages.

The judgment was against Angelo Moore, Fishbone’s leader singer who dove into the crowd that day, and fellow band member John Norwood Fisher.

Myers filed suit in 2010 against Moore, Fisher, who is the band’s bassist, Fishbone, Silverback Artist Management, the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, Behind Closed Doors Touring, Hajoca Associates, and Real Entertainment – Philadelphia Inc.

She alleged claims of negligence relating to the defendants’ failure to warn the audience that the concert would feature stage diving.

Myers, 46, who resides in Voorhees, N.J., and who worked as the director of operations and business development at Comprehensive Clinical Research, which conducts pharmaceutical clinical trials, says that she sustained a fractured skull, a concussion, a broken clavicle, a perforated eardrum, hearing loss, autoimmune problems, lacerations, headaches and other physical injuries and mental impairments as a result of being struck by Moore when he dove off the stage and into the crowd during the concert four years ago.

Interestingly, Moore is still stage diving at his concerts. As U.S. District Judge Jan DuBois writes, “Moore continues to stage dive at almost every performance and exhibits nothing but apathy and hostility towards his victims, whom he repeatedly characterized, during his deposition, as ‘predators’ out to steal his money.” It would not be surprising if others were injured from a Fishbone stage dive.

Give me Bruce Springsteen.

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