Follow-Up On Foreclosure

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There was a decent article in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer entitled “Thousands Languishing In Foreclosure Limbo Land.”  While it focused predominantly on the angst of the featured homeowners, it did echo a couple points I raised in my earlier blog and which bear repeating:

1.     Only use credit counseling agencies (like which are certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

2.    It is worthwhile to contest your foreclosure providing you sometimes in excess of a year in which to pursue a loan modification or transition to affordable housing.

3.    Lenders seldom pay attention to homeowners acting on their own. 

If you are falling behind with your mortgage payments, seek professional assistance from qualified counselors and attorneys right away while there are more options available to you.  “Limbo Land” is not a good place to be.


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