Let It Snow!

Employment / Personal Injury / Business


As I am sitting here in my home office watching another several inches of snow adding to this record breaking winter, I am trying to decide how to plan my day tomorrow while I wait for the local government to plow my street.  With the wonder of remote access, email and call-forwarding, I really don’t need to go into the office except to meet clients.

There are a few contracts to draft for clients and some discovery requests to write in a couple of discrimination cases heating up in federal court.  I have the end-of-the-month bills to pay and the all-important invoices to prepare on Quickbooks and get in the mail next week.  I even brought documents and deposition transcripts home to review.

Wait . . . they just announced the schools are closed tomorrow.  I have three daughters, age 11 (twins) and 7, and they are growing up so fast.  Life in my own law practice has its challenges, but what it offers me is the ability to say I’ll work late tonight, tomorrow night, too, if necessary, but tomorrow, I’ll build a snowman with them instead.

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