Livengrin Foundation 45th Anniversary Gala

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I have the pleasure of serving on the Board of Livengrin Foundation in Bensalem, Bucks County, PA.  Anyone who has unfortunately been arrested for DUI or underage drinking in Lower Bucks will be familiar with Livengrin as the place they went for court ordered evaluations and alcohol awareness classes.  However, I often encounter people, even area residents, who are unfamiliar with the difference Livengrin has made in the lives of people struggling to overcome alcoholism and addiction. 

Alcohol and drug dependency is a disease recognized within our legal system as a disability for which its victims are entitled to protection from discrimination and a reasonable accommodation in employment to enable them to get their lives back together.  For people suffering from alcoholism or addiction, a leave of absence to attend a treatment program at Livengrin may be the accommodation the individual needs to break the downward spiral and become sober. 

Livengrin is now in its 45th year of providing services to people afflicted with alcoholism and addiction.  Every year, it hosts a “Ride for Recovery” in which hundreds who have been through its doors gather to celebrate the fresh start Livengrin has given them.  On September 22, 2011, Livengrin will also be celebrating its 45th anniversary at a Gala dinner to be held at the Crystal Tea Room in the Wanamaker Building.  The evening will feature the antics of comedian Richard Lewis and will include, of course, an exceptional meal.  While the evening will be filled with celebration and laughs, it is nevertheless for a serious purpose . . . to make sure Livengrin can continue saving lives.  Individual tickets are only $135.00.  A Phillies game will cost you that much, more if you take the kids.  Bring your significant other and the bill is only $250.00.  Tickets can be ordered online through

In my 23 years of practice, I have represented clients who have suffered from alcoholism and addiction.  I have seen them struggle to hold jobs or maintain businesses as well as witnessed the impact their disease has on their families.  Livengrin is a light at the end of the tunnel for these individuals.  Please join me in supporting Livengrin and its work by attending the Gala dinner on September 22, 2011.


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