Out From Behind The Desk . . . Again

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Behind The Desk

I have always loved performing on stage.  I think every trial lawyer has to have some acting ability.  After all, in the courtroom the lawyer is both an actor and director, playing a role while directing witnesses and trying to persuade the jury to believe his client’s story.  A trial is simply story-telling with a purpose other than entertainment and the best story-teller wins.

My last stage role outside the courtroom was back in 1991 when I played one of the muleteers in “Man of La Mancha” at Princeton’s McCarter Theater.  After 19 years, I finally decided it was time to stop making excuses as to why I did not have the time for community theater and to audition again.  My daughter’s love of drama also motivated me and reawakened an old yearning for the spotlight.  I auditioned and will be playing the role of Marley’s ghost in the Newtown Arts Company’s musical production of “A Christmas Carol.”  The show runs from December 2nd through the 8th at the historic Newtown Theater on State Street in Newtown, PA. www.newtownartscompany.com.

Aside from the opportunity to take part in a timeless story, the role of Marley’s ghost reminds me we all have a  larger role than our individual occupations.  Business?  Would that Mankind had been my business!  Charity, mercy, benevolence and forbearance were all my business! 

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