Where Does The Time Go?

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Where Does The Time Go

Wow!  Has it been almost two months since I last wrote a blog?  Where does the time go? I marvel at attorneys who can blog almost everyday and still practice law.  Or do they have someone on their staff who blogs for them?

Time management is a crucial element of a solo law practice, and especially for a litigation attorney where effective firm calendar management is often complicated by the courts and other attorneys.  In other words, one’s time is not his own.  In the last two months, I have had to complete thirteen depositions involving four different cases.  That is far more than I have had in any similar period in the past eight years.  My schedule has been further complicated by preparation for a planned trip out of the country and the deaths of two relatives.

We all have life to deal with outside of our businesses.  I’m hardly alone in having a time crunch and don’t bemoan the fact.  But I’d be interested in hearing from others out there in the blogosphere, especially other lawyers,  about how you manage your practice, still see your kids . . . and keep up with your blogging.

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