Simple Steps to Protect Your Career

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In an at-will work environment and a challenged economy, it is often very difficult to prove an employer’s motives for a demotion or discharge are for prohibited reasons rather than legitimate ones. If you believe your job is in jeopardy, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Continue to do your job to the best of your ability. Sounds like common sense, but being insubordinate, showing up late, or committing other errors or infractions that may justify termination give the employer an easy out.
  • Keep a journal. Employment disputes often develop over time. Keeping a journal of comments or incidents as they happen, for example, a remark about your age or appearance, and noting date, place and who was present will help your attorney analyze whether the employer is going outside the bounds of the law.
  • DO NOT copy or remove employer documents you are not authorized to copy or remove. Even if it is not discovered and you are not fired for it, it can damage your case against the employer later on. Instead, make a list of documents you know to exist. If a lawsuit cannot be avoided, then your attorney will be able to obtain them through proper methods.
  • DO NOT videotape or tape record conversations with your employer without permission. It is illegal in Pennsylvania. Employers have been known to file countersuits against employees or seek criminal penalties if such tapes are disclosed.
  • Submit a complaint in writing. If you honestly believe you are the victim of discrimination or other unlawful workplace practices, write a short, concise statement of the facts supporting your grievances, sign it, date it, and give it to the employer making sure to keep a copy for yourself.

An employee always has more options if he or she seeks help and takes steps to protect a job while still employed. If you are on the bubble, don’t wait until it bursts. Call Scott Fegley at the Fegley Law Firm, (215) 493-8287 or by email at [email protected] Mr. Fegley has 18 years of employment litigation experience. We Give You Peace of Mind.



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